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Weed. Weed again. Then weed some more

3 weeks in, 2 weeks of newly-arrived-from-out-of-state quarantine over, 3 weeks of CSA bags packed and set out for pick up. Here’s what I’ve learned how to do so far:

  • Plant seeds with a rotary seeder

  • Transplant seedlings

  • Water three times into the little divot in the soil around the tiny seedlings, so as not to soak their leaves

  • Weed with a hula hoe

  • Weed with a taro hoe

  • Weed with an ordinary hoe

  • Weed with “the aerobicizer” – a wheelie plow-thing

  • Weed with my hands

  • Weed some more

  • Make a bonfire and burn giant piles of brush

  • Dig trenches

  • Pound rebar

  • Put up a hoophouse

  • Have the hoophouse rip in an electrical storm. Re-put up the hoophouse

  • Lug hoses across the fields

  • Lug tubs of water from the washing stand for the produce

  • Harvest heads of lettuce and Chinese cabbage by cutting the stem with a curved lettuce knife just under the soil surface so as not to lose any leaves, but not so deep as to pull up too many muddy roots (my favorite activity so far)

  • Pull up radishes

  • Cut rhubarb (lop off the leaves – they are toxic)

  • Pick tiny edible flowers for a couple local restaurants that are open

  • Search for asparagus stalks among the tall weeds. Eat the tiny ones when nobody is looking

  • Wash, drain, trim, weigh, and bundle veggies for restaurant and food service shipment or CSA pick up

  • Close up the farmstand at the end of the day

  • Eat fabulous, farm-fresh vegetarian meals every day

Here are some photos from the early spring, chilly weeks:

And here is how I spent my first paycheck:

The Montana essentials

For those who need interpretation, this photo features: 1) an insulated Carhart sweatshirt for farm work; 2) a bottle of Helena-based, Gulch Distillers Fernet; and 3) bear spray.

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