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About Julie Kunen

My work focuses on food, culture, and the environment.  I am dedicated to increasing sustainability in food systems – and to eating deliciously. 


An anthropologist, I worked in international development and biodiversity conservation for 15 years.  Most recently, I was Vice President for the Americas at the Wildlife Conservation Society, a non-profit dedicated to saving wildlife and wild places.   Now, I work at Oatly (the oat milk company) as Director of Sustainability for North America.


I was the co-founder of the Rainforest to Table Initiative, which promotes conservation of the Amazon through celebration of its culinary heritage.  I was the creator and lead writer for the On Food and Conservation column for New Worlder magazine, where I explored themes of sustainability, authenticity, and cultural identity in food and drink. 


I am an avid home cook and baker (currently working to perfect my donut recipe), frequenter of farmers markets, supporter of CSAs, and aficionado of agritourism establishments.  And nothing gives me more pleasure at the end of a long day than a craft saison, cider, or cocktail.


Food is the fruit of my passion. 


Through my consulting practice, Passiflora Consulting, I work with chefs, travel companies, and hospitality groups to take their environmental commitments to the next level.  


Through writing and photography I explore food and conservation stories around the world.  The portfolio page features my publications.


My cooking and baking, eating and drinking are all shaped by my travels and the natural surroundings in which I find myself.  Follow the blog page to read about my culinary explorations. 

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